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What is Schools Fantasy League?

Schools Fantasy League (SFL) has helped motivate, engage and create learning opportunities for pupils of all ages since 1999.

SFL is a great learning resource based on the concept of Fantasy Football, and provides a fantastic platform for teachers to support the development of core skills like problem-solving and decision making, as well as providing an engaging and enjoyable focus for subjects like maths and ICT.

Last season, over 1,000 schools and 50,000 budding football managers competed for prizes nationally, as well as within their own schools.

This season we are delighted to announce that pupils, teachers and parents associated with your school, will be able to take part for FREE.

Entrants will control multi-million pound budgets and pick a 'fantasy' team of 11 players. They will accumulate points each week, depending on how their players perform in Premier League matches.

The game runs from October to May and there are many opportunities to reward achievement throughout the season!

What's new this time?

If you've enjoyed SFL in the past you'll notice some great improvements to the look and feel of the game! The site is now far easier to use, and contains lots more facts and figures about each player, which you can use as great teaching aids.

Firstly, entry for your School is now completely FREE! (previously each school had to pay £25).

We've made some improvements to the game scoring and management of teams so that there is more involvement for pupils. Also scores will update live so that pupils can follow their teams performance in real time!

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions that previous SFL Chairmen have asked, below:

Can I log in with my old SFL id? No, you need to register again on the site and set up your team and league.

Can I see email addresses of managers in my league? As the Chairman of a league you cannot see the email addresses of the managers in your league. If there is a team that you are suspicious of, you can select to remove that team from the league.

Can chairmen change team names of teams in their leagues? As the Chairman of a league you cannot change the name of any teams in your league. Each manager can change the team name of their team, alternatively if the team name is deemed to be inappropriate, you can delete the team from your league.

Is there any way of enabling user names? All entrants and teachers user names now must be the same as their email addresses.

How do private leagues and sub-leagues work? This year when an entrant registers on the site, they select their school year. They are then automatically placed into their relevant national year league. You should set up your school leagues by class or year or school. You can then invite all entrants to take part in each relevant league.

Do other staff automatically have chairmanship ability? In order to have Chairmanship ability, all teachers must register as Chairmen and set up the league they wish to Chair and control.

There are also some very important changes as to how you manage your school's involvement. Please read the 'What should I do?' tab to find out more, this is located above as the second tab in your Staff Room area.

How does it work?

Firstly, a member of staff registers on the site and sets up a league for your school.

To do this simply visit the second tab above 'What should I do?'

Once created the teacher, as chairman, has exclusive access to manage their School League.

Pupils, teachers and parents can use the simple team selection screen to pick their players and then confirm their team.

When the game starts scoring on Saturday 17th October the points and positions in all leaderboards are updated by SFL automatically, taking advantage of our new live scoring system.

Pupils can analyse all the action from live matches here and study their progress by logging in and going to the How am I doing? page.

Get Started - Set up your league!

Once registered you will be prompted to pick a team.

• NB. You will need to register again as SFL has relaunched on a brand new platform.

You can manually select your team, utilising the full functionality of the game, by studying the Statistics, the Matches page and by comparing players when selecting your team.

Alternatively, you can simply hit 'Auto Select Team' on the team selection screen.

You should then create a School League for your school/year/class using the 'Create a New League' box below.

Depending on the level of interest within your school, you can set up one league or you may choose to set up more than one School League - eg. maybe for your overall school and / or individual classes/forms/tutor groups etc.

• You should name your School League clearly and appropriately, ie. your school name / your class name.

Please register/login first, then you will be able to create your School League here.

Promote your league

You can then invite pupils, teachers, other members of staff and parents to take part in your School League. The more participants, the more fun you'll have.

Please click here to download a SFL promotional poster!

Many Chairman hold an SFL club in an ICT room at lunchtime or after-school each week, it's also worth creating an SFL noticeboard.

You could also appoint an Assistant Chairman or some SFL Apprentices to help you with the set up.

Make the most of SFL

Please click here to view some initial project work ideas based on SFL.

We will be giving you the option to incorporate some great learning resources over the season. You will be able to access these from this page, and we?ll also be emailing all Teachers with details when these area available.

Award Packs

Throughout the season you can present Manager of the Month certificates to keep the enjoyment and engagement levels going. At the end of the season you can hold an awards assembly to distribute prizes and wrap up your league, you will soon be able to purchase our brilliant new Awards Pack on the site.

We'll be in touch with details of what's included in your Awards Pack and how you can make payment shortly when these are available. Awards packs will include a trophy for the overall winner in your school, plus prizes and certificates which you can award to your year group winner!

The awards are produced to the highest quality and are for the entrants to keep forever!

All awards packs must be ordered by the end of January.

When do I need to do things?

September 2015

Set up your league

Invite your pupils

17th October

The SFL season starts and scoring gets underway!

October 2015

Weekly SFL game news emails sent (and each week after)

April 2016

Awards packages sent to schools that have paid for them

May 2016

Announce your winners!


SFL is an educational resource that can be a powerful learning tool, it is suitable for students of all ages and can support a range of curriculum areas.

Teachers have contributed many ideas for how to integrate SFL into your classroom, you can go to the link in the Learning Zone to find out more.

Educational Value of SFL!

  • Puts learning in a context that is meaningful and exciting to pupils
  • Can be used in the classroom, providing a new focus in core subjects like maths and ICT
  • Provides discussion topics, activities and relationship-building tasks for form or tutor groups
  • Supports the development of core skills like problem-solving, decision-making and forward planning
  • Provides opportunities to extend learning through after-school and/or breakfast clubs
  • Removes barriers between pupils and teachers
  • It?s all-inclusive, boys and girls of all ages can take part, not forgetting teachers and parents. Can strengthen bond between parents and the school
  • Encourages constructive use of the Internet in a safe environment
  • Develops a positive community within the school
  • Provides many opportunities to reward achievement, with potentially unlikely candidates as beneficiaries
  • And above all, it's good fun!

Learning Zone

Schools Fantasy League is a fun and exciting resource that is a powerful learning tool for thousands of students of all ages.

Teachers across the country have worked with our Education team to construct activities that they think might be useful to you in the classroom. They are ideas that you can build into your current teaching programmes and can easily be tailored to meet your particular students? needs. There are many opportunities to link the SFL programme to different areas of the curriculum.

Please click here to view some initial project work ideas based on SFL.

We will be giving you the option to incorporate some great learning resources over the season. You will be able to access these from this page, and we'll also be emailing all Teachers with details when these area available.


Schools Fantasy League has been providing enjoyable education for children since 1999. Last season over 4,000 parents shared the experience with their children.

The majority of schools welcome parents of pupils to take part. It's a great link between you and your child's education.

Your involvement will encourage them!

By taking part you can encourage and interact with your child to get the most from the game all season.

Providing support

Although SFL is simple to use, there may be occasions when your child may get stuck and need advice with either a football or IT issue.

Real maths

By taking part too you'll find yourselves involved in discussions about budgets and how much you have to purchase on a new striker each month! They may not realise they're learning key maths skills but it will be immediately apparent to you.

Common interest

Taking part in SFL provides a common interest for you and your child. You will be actively involved in something they are participating in. SFL will be one of the main topics of conversation for many months over the season!

Taking Part

Getting involved is easy, especially if you've been invited via your child. You need the school League ID to register your team online.

If you haven't been invited directly it's probably because the organiser at the school hasn't considered it. So it's time to be proactive!